A majority of injuries can be treated with self-management upon proper advice and exercise program. We try to thoroughly understand your injury/condition and with our expertise & knowledge design a treatment plan for you. This way no hands-on approach is required and you can benefit from your online session. Often a lot of physiotherapy sessions in the clinic require you to perform exercises under the supervision of the Physiotherapist. This can be easily done online with supervision of the Physio through video session.

We request you to fill out assessment forms specific to your condition. This gives information about your condition. Also a detailed history and discussion about your condition during the video consultation is sufficient to diagnose your condition. Often times the Physiotherapist may ask you perform some movements or activities to get clear picture of the condition you are suffering from.

We guide you to perform a tailor-made exercise program under the supervision of our expert Physiotherapist and make sure you are performing it the right way. All the exercises we design for you are first are demonstrated by the Physio, upon which you are requested to perform them. This way of treatment can be easily carried out online without touching.

After the online session we will guide you if you require more sessions. We will follow up regarding the status of your condition through emails. If in the physiotherapist’s opinion, more sessions are required for you then it will be discussed with you and we will work out the further sessions considering your daily schedule.

Not to worry at all, after the completion of the session the exercises will be emailed to you with pictures and instructions. So the next time you perform the exercises, you can refer to the pdf document emailed to you without worrying about remembering/memorizing the exercises.

The Physiotherapist will guide you to perform the exercise the right way. If you go wrong you will be instructed to do it appropriately. You will be asked to perform the exercise with corrections a number of times so that you learn to perform the exercise the right way. This will help to avoid mistakes and perform the exercise the right way while doing the exercises on your own.

We have tried to answer the frequent questions about Online Physiotherapy, if you have any more, please feel free to contact us.