Exercise Therapy at APEX Physiotherapy Clinic

Exercise Therapy is the systemic, planned performance of bodily movements, postures or physical activities intended to remediate patients impairments, restore & enhance physical function, prevent or reduce health risks and optimize overall health status, fitness and sense of well-being.

Exercise Therapy aims:

  • To promote activity in order to minimize any inactivity due to pain, injury or any other condition as our body is specially meant for movement.
  • To correct the inefficiency of specific muscle or muscle groups.
  • Regain normal Joint range of motion
  • Increase level of function

At Apex Physiotherapy Clinic, exercise programs designed are individualized to the unique needs of each patient. We provide the following Therapeutic Exercise interventions, which are client centered:

  • Muscle Performance exercises – Strengthening, power and endurance training
  • Stretching exercises
  • Neuromuscular control, inhibition and facilitation techniques
  • Posture awareness training
  • Aerobic conditioning exercises
  • Balance exercises and agility training
  • Postural control, body mechanics and stabilization exercises
  • Relaxation exercises and breathing exercises
  • Task specific functional training